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Forex indicator gaps. Displays the price gaps between the bars timeframe selected during the period in days.
When dostyazhenii level (the ceiling gap) deletes level. Recommended setting range of at least 30 days.
essence of the indicator - the desire to cut prices of the price gap. Considered the levels are potential targets.
exception of levels formed by a hole in the quotations dealing centers and is not associated with a break at the moment of acceleration, etc.,
but to distinguish them from real break is almost impossible. Significant Parameters: Range of gaps - the number of analyzed days history The accuracy of the price - the number of digits after the decimal point in price

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Indicator Ind - NewsInfo

This forex indicator - a modification of a known indicator that displays the current economic news on the currency pair.

At this time:
  • Algorithm for the collection of information, little changed for the better;
  • Fixed display of time before \ after the news;
  • Added indicators of economic activity (Previous, forecast, actual)
The picture of the current calendar looks like this:
Version 2 also allows you to view news story last month:

and for the year:

  • extern string a1 = "Minutes before the news";
  • extern int MinAlertPerNews = 30 / / Operation of minutes before the news;
  • extern string a2 = "Minutes after the news";
  • extern int MinAlertAfterNews = 30 / / Operation of minutes after the news;
  • extern string a3 = "Local Time";
  • extern int GMT = -1; / / time zone. 0-GMT;
  • extern string a4 = "Show the important news";
  • extern bool HighNews = true ;/ / Set the importance of news;
  • extern string a5 = "Show the average news";
  • extern bool MediumNews = true ;/ / Set the importance of news;
  • extern string a6 = "Light Show News";
  • extern bool LowNews = true ;/ / Set the importance of news;
  • extern string a7 = "Draw a line of news";
  • extern bool LineCreate = true ;/ / draw the line?;
  • extern string a34 = "Draw the text of news";
  • extern bool TextCreate = true ;/ / draw the line?;
  • extern string a9 = "sending signals";
  • extern bool Alerts = false ;/ / Signals about the upcoming news?;
  • extern string a10 = "color breaking news";
  • extern color high = Red ;/ / color of the important news;
  • extern string a11 = "color medium of news";
  • extern color medium = Yellow ;/ / color of the conventional news;
  • extern string a12 = "The color of light news";
  • extern color low = Lime ;/ / color of the small news;
  • extern string a13 = "Line Style";
  • extern int Style = 1 ;/ / line style;
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Ind - NewsInfo