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Analysis of the waves

The trend determination is based on ZigZag indicator. An each trend is marked with rectangle with different colors. The information about trend (h-size, v-average volume, s-speed in pips/hour) is displayed in the upper/lower corners. The current trend is considered from the beginning of the last rectangle.


The Advices:

It's possible to use this indicator for the analysis of the Ellott Waves and for the trading using the information of the price velocity changes.



Indicator Parabolic_ZZ

Forex indicator of the changing fortunes of the family.  Based on standard indicator Parabolic SAR.  At the peaks of the waves put price tags. Automatically built on the latest waves Fibonacci levels.  Settings are the same as a standard Parabolic SAR.  Do not complete a price maximum or minimum drawn a red line.

  • Redrawing of the forex indicator are possible but quite rare.
  •   The smaller the parameter SAR_step so big waves are drawn.
Download forex indicator Parabolic_ZZ


Indicator Fibo Bars

Indicator Fibo Bars

By using this forex indicator for intraday trading for 5 minutes. Well may indicate the direction of a strong price changes in the beginning of European or American session.  Very convenient to use as a trailing indicator.  If you see a different color bar closing time.
period -  period - more than during the less sensibility indicator.  I recommend for 5 minutes - 10, 1H - 4
fiboLevel - Level of correction
level1 0.236
level2 0.382
level3 0.5
level4 0.618
level5 0.762

Индикаторы форекс
FiboBars1H FiboBars1H
Индикаторы форекс


Indicator (Shu)-AccInfo

This forex indicator   in a separate window displays information on the results of trade on the current account.
Forex indicators
Months - the number of months for which the output result of trade.
Weeks - the number of weeks for which the output result of trade.
clr.Head , clr.Good , clr.Baad - цвета раскраски. clr.Head, clr.Good, clr.Baad - color coloring.
For regular payments on the account in the "Account History" should not be a filter. That is: "Account History" -> (right mouse) -> "The whole history.
ps. ps.  The indicator draws all using the session (similar to the SS for comment) - can be used for a simple, convenient and rapid withdrawal of tablets.

Download forex indicator (Shu)-AccInfo


Indicator Point & Figure, X_O

This forex indicator created for display in MT4 chart type "tic-tac-toe" (the CW). The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices" автор Thomas J. Dorsey.  In drawing up the algorithm used book "POINT AND FIGURE CHARTING" The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices "by Thomas J. Dorsey. When testing the indicator used graphics from this site
Note that when selecting a different timeframe, CW schedule will be created different.  This is due to the fact that the choice charts of M1 and D1 for the same period (say, 2 days), in the case of the schedule M1 quotes will be much more detailed.
Пример. Sample. . Take the size of box = 10 points, spread = 3 box.  If one day the price went up 100 points, while the other went down to 100, the indicanjr D1 will see only two bars for analysis and for him to build a column of 10 boxes down, and at the other bar to build up a column.  If we look at the M1, the price could go for 5 times per day up 100 points and down 5 times for 100 points, respectively, easily fit in the daily candle.  Indicator will draw 5 bars up and 5 down.
If you believe that this algorithm is not correct, please go to the proposed link above, select any tool and check the schedule daily and weekly schedule of CW (other periods is not there).
External variables:
extern color up_color = RoyalBlue; / / color X
extern color down_color = Crimson; / / About color
extern color border_color = Black; / / border color
extern int border_width = 2, / / frame width
extern int size = 20, / / height of a single X or O
extern int reverse = 3; / / reversal parameter
extern int width = 3, / / width of a single X or O in bars
extern int bars = 1000; / / number of bars to calculate, 0 - all bars 



  • Be careful when changing the instrument: if you have a pair GBPUSD stands the size of boxing 20 points, with conversion to a tool SP500 terminal may hang for a long time - the day the index goes up to several thousand items and displays will draw hundreds of thousands of X and O, respectively.
  • В свойствах графика поставьте цвет фона и графика "линия" одинаковым. In the properties of the schedule put a background color and graphics "line" the same.  Thus, when switching to this schedule you will only X and O on the screen, but when switching to candles or bars you can see the CW and the normal schedule at the same time.
  •   Attach the scale of the chart.  Then you can scroll it up and down without binding to candlelight terminal.
Download forex indicator of Point & Figure, X_O


Hedge Indicator

This forex indicator window allows this tool, you can add another or several other instruments.
Forex indicators
  In the EURUSD GBPUSD posted
. Principle of trade: The one that is higher than we sell, which is lower than buying.  (sell EURUSD and simultaneously buy GBPUSD).
  Download Hedge Indicator


Indicator PointPrice

This forex indicator can be used with the price displayed in a line.

Forex indicators

  size - the size
arrow - form code:
  square - square
rhombus - a rhombus.

circle - the circle.

Download forex indicator PointPrice


Indicator Pivot_Point2

Forex indicator draws the line support / resistance, as well as the point of reversal. The second and third level - strong.

Индикаторы форекс

Download forex indicator Pivot_Point2


Three histogram stochastic one

In this forex indicator, it is possible to set any timeframe, due to this you can see the stochastics of all periods simultaneously. Добавлен сигнал при заходе в зоны, обозначенные -30 и +30. Added signal when entering the zone marked -30 and +30. When choosing timeframe is not necessary to specify exactly the time in minutes, simply enter any period and the indicator will show the most suitable.  For example, when you enter 1500 the indicator displays a weekly stochastic, and when you enter the 55 - hour.  In the indicator in the upper left corner displays your selected timeframe.

Индикаторы форекс
Forex indicators
 Download three histogram stochastic one


MACD with adaptive definition of price extremes

From the usual type MACD forex indicator _MACD_Xtr be different levels of adaptive zones of PC / PP (gray dotted line), as well as the color bars in the histogram corresponding colors upon entering MACD in these zones.

Usually, the adaptation of the indicator as a regulator uses very light. . A rose, for example, the scope MACD - correspondingly increased and the level of zones overbought / oversold levels.  The problem of this approach - in the phase delay.  Ie first indicator will show this overbought or oversold, and only then, with a delay of smoothing moves the band to a new level.  As a result, the extremum will be shown at the beginning of the movement - the meaning of such an adaptation is only for subsequent extrema. ? And if it is V-/ \-shaped formation, but no W-M?  And at the last to lose the benefits of the first extremum somehow do not want to. Каков выход? What is the exit?  For lack of a time machine seems reasonable to use a source of volatility with a smaller period than the adaptive indicator.  In this case, you can "preempt" the movement of the indicator, shifting levels of overbought / oversold before it begins its movement to them.  But here arises from the complexity of the implementation of the two conflicting conditions for the control signal: on the one hand it can not be smooth so as not to make a phase delay with an increase in volatility, and the other to retain and filter the noise made by the same level of volatility.  To solve this problem, a separate anti-aliasing filtering for the front and damping, the principle of which is described here. In this case, need only filter attenuation, and filtering of the front of the control signal is not needed at all. (Уж лучше сам период волатильности увеличить.))) (It is better for himself period of volatility to increase.)))
In the picture explains the principle of identifying areas overbought / oversold levels.. In the second pane withdrawn TR (True Range), averaged over the 5-bars, ie – ATR(5),  - ATR (5), and smoothed attenuation EMA (66).  It is seen that the levels of PC / PP, built on the indicator from the second panes, ahead of the dramatic movement of MACD.

  Input parameters.
FastMA - a period of rapid EMA;
SlowMA - period of slow EMA;
Source - a source of volatility: 0 - volume, 1 - ATR; 2 - standard deviation;
BackPeriod - smoothing period damping;
xVolatility - the scale of volatility;
Sens - sensitivity is in pips.

The last parameter (Sens) can be left equal to zero, because  smoothed attenuation volatility, as a rule, does not reach a threshold of noise in liquid instruments.
With regards to the source of volatility (Source), then the best option in this particular application, in my opinion - is ATR. . Actually, this follows from the nature of MACD and ATR and is confirmed in practice.  The volume can be used, but because it is not normalized in the scale of prices, it will torment with scale factor (xVolatility).  Which is better - do not.
Smoothing damping (BackPeriod) default is 444.  For minutes and, with their intraday volatility of ailments - normally.  For the Bigger Time-Frames value can be reduced.  But it may be noted that the indicator is stable enough to improvise with the value of this parameter (in a reasonable, clear, stump, within - at least according to the logic of adaptation is seen as a slow period, twice the value of MA in the MACD).

Call indicator of user codes:
FrontPeriod,xVolatility,Sens, N,i); 
 iCustom (NULL, 0, "_MACD_Xtr",
 FastMA, SlowMA, Source, SourcePeriod, 
FrontPeriod, xVolatility, Sens, N, i); 
where N - output buffers:
0 - MACD;
 1 - level overbought;
2 - level oversold;
3 - bar in the overbought zone;
4 - bar in the oversold zone;
For use in commercial systems of interest to the last two.

To use the indicator light is needed supplier smoothed volatility _Volatility_FBA_NR.  He would already be represented in the picture. His field settings are as follows:
Source - a source of volatility: 0 - volume, 1 - ATR, 2 - standard deviation;
FrontPeriod - smoothing period of the front;
. BackPeriod - smoothing period damping.

Download forex MACD indicator with adaptive definition of price extremes

Indicator minute amounts of RVA

Forex - indicator of minute amounts of RVA (Real Volume Analyzer) is made in the form of the histogram bars, built on trading volume of futures exchanges Globex mode Real-time.  The data are taken from the futures, but are displayed on currencies.
Forex indicators
Brief description of the parameters:
Options Login / Password can be obtained here
- Time shift on the received data. For example, for the terminal Broco, he is 2.
  - You in the terminal current time: 8:08
  - Moscow time 10:08
- Means, put ShiftTime = 2

  - If a parameter is a false, then displays the value Volume (volume), if is = true, then displayed Delta (Delta) are displayed by default volumes.
  - Coloring bars.  Values:
  0 - "standard" in the color price bars
  1 - bar of more than the previous - green, less - Red ..
2 - по дельте 2 - on Delta
Refresh.Sec and Refresh.Add
  Refresh.Add - These settings adjust the speed upgrade; Refresh.Sec - after so many seconds guaranteed (after the arrival of the next tick) will update the data; Refresh.Add - maximum number of seconds (chosen randomly), which can be added to the value Refresh.Sec to to reduce the overall load on the server.
  Refresh.Sec = 15

  - Regular update will be a time interval from 15 to 30 seconds/ If you do not quite understand why it should be, just do not change the default values. ;)  If you need more than "fast" data, then reduce these parameters. For example, 5 + 5. . However, remember that this will affect the total loading terminal (especially if you have opened a lot of charts and found a lot of indicators, seeking to Internet).
Refresh.History Refresh.History
- An update of historical data (within session). . The parameter entered with the intention that if a (sudden) will happen is that the server will be temporary disappearance of the current data on the volume, then after a given time, these data, no matter what, will be restored from the history to be formed on the data server.  Crashes are extremely rare, but, nevertheless, to insure against such situations, we must.  Frequency is specified in minutes.
- Allows you to watch the history of the volume (volume) for a specified number of calendar days ago.  Since the parameter treated with caution - it can slow down, in particular - during the first installation or initialization of the indicator.

  Download indicator minute amounts RVA



CustomCandle draws candlesticks of a larger and, perhaps, non-standard (for MT 4) timeframe in the current chart. At the same time, there is no need to open that larger timeframe chart, since only the data from the current timeframe are used. You should make the candlesticks (bars) of the current chart faded or invisible.


1. The period of the larger timeframe must be larger and multiple of the current one (for M5, you may use M10, M15, M20, etc., up to 1440; however, for М1 you may use any timeframes from 2 to 1440).

2. The period of the larger timeframe may not exceed 1 day (1440 minutes), since it is impossible to draw 2 (or more)-day candlesticks. (I could program it, but I didn't.)

3. Charts with timeframes of H4 and larger are not supported. (It is possible to program them, though.)

Special Features:

After a disconnection, some undesirable candlesticks may appear during history pumping and the consecutive numbering will be broken. So we should redraw the candlesticks after history pumping. There is no need to remove the indicator, just open its properties. This is an unpleasant thing, but I don't know yet how to fix it.