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Histogram of volumes in the new interpretation

Author: infinum13 (idea DrShumiloff).


Originally Forex - indicator to look like this. But the author did not like that the entire amount of candles to focus only at the point of closing the candle. The new version of the volume of the candle is distributed throughout the candle. And in the "tail" is taken double the amount of (so-as the price is moving at least twice). Of course, with the full picture of the history of ticks will neskoloko other (must see). But the first presentation of the motion of a pair (the level of support of Perforation levels) can be done on the basis of the forex indicator.

The indicator is drawn on the basis of completed candles.

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  • I recommend using periud M1. Parameter Period_ind - at your discretion.
Download forex indicator VolumesHist2

Indicator MacdACSignals

Author: Hurricane


Forex signal indicator, based on standard indicators Macd and AС.

The idea of indicators should be. If you receive a signal from the MACD indicator, there was no check whether the max 5 bars ago the alarm on indicator AС, if a - draw an arrow.

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Download forex indicator MacdACSignals

Indicator + ind_MA_RSI_MACD_v.7


Displays signals for buying and selling. Thick arrow first light, thin again. Signals are used MACD and MA_RSI.mq4


signal to sell ... forward to the closure of the bar ...

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waited for the closing of the bar ... decide ...

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A few minutes later ....

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Pererisovyvanie not noticed.


  • It is advisable to wait for the closing of the bar that would not blinking:)
  • RSIPeriod-at your discretion.
  • MAPeriod-at your discretion.
  • At different pairs and TF choose your settings.
  • Confirmation tone See less TF.
  • Stop and trailing, not hinder.
  • Be sure to install MA_RSI.mq4 in the indicator folder \ experts \ indicators \ and restart the terminal.
Download forex indicator + ind_MA_RSI_MACD_v.7

Histogram of volumes on the price schedule

A convenient way to display the distribution of volumes on price levels.

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Download forex volume indicator



This forex indicator shows the direction of the market.

How it works is simple: turn MA.

If the point more than 2 points and 1 point 3, it is spread.

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индикаторы форекс

индикаторы форекс

индикаторы форекс

Download forex indicator MAFRACTALS

Indicator VininI_RSI_FO

It features stable operation on all instruments

No deficiencies Forex - Cyber Cycle indicator

Use the reverse transformation of Fisher.

Indicator placed on the basis of Article

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Download forex indicator VininI_RSI_FO

Indicator VininI_WPR_FO

Forex Indicators

This forex-indicator is used to enhance the signal inverse Fisher transformation.

Download forex indicator VininI_WPR_FO


The new versions of the forex indicator added discretization based on a reverse movement.

Informative discretization just closed the bar. When you open a = 100.

Recommendation if there signals:

1. the first signal.

2. with an increase in the indicator values.

In the second case, set otlozhku to return the percentage of the mean value of the indicator for the period from the X dimension of the closed Candles (High-Low).

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Download forex indicator MAGIC OSCILLATOR 2.0


Indicator Modified Cyber Cycle

The basis of this forex indicator is the opposite of Fisher transformation.

Forex indicator ( autor - Vinin) made on the basis of the article in the forum Kroufr

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Download forex indicator modified Cyber Cycle

Indicator MultySymbolsChart

This Forex - indicator displays in the subwindow graphics characters.

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Symbols - the list of characters through zyapyatuyu;
TimeFrame - 1, 5, 15, etc.;
BarsOfSymbol - the number of bars of the symbol;
SpaceBars - interval schedules of characters:
LblColor - цвет названия символа LblColor - the color of the title character

Colors buffers 0-th, 3 rd and 6 th need to match the colors of the background graphics.

Download forex indicator MultySymbolsChart


Indicator YaannaSignal

YaannaSignal - forex-indicator-based Yaanna.
Assists in the trend to buy / sell with kickbacks.

Forex Indicators

In addition to the no cross (red to blue in the purchase and sale), writes the commentary:
1. Late sell, wait for correction
2. Too late to buy, wait for correction

Download forex indicator YaannaSignal

Momentum for the moving average


Bigeev Rustem


The idea of this forex indicator as usual Momentum, but not in relation to the price, and by the moving average. It smoothed over a picture, albeit with some delay.

Optimal parameters allow to filter out noise and extract only the most important impulses, which leads to a change of trend. In the view of the author's good use for the minute schedules with a large period of 100 and above.


  • PeriodMA - period moving average.
  • TypeMA - the type of moving average.
  • PriceMA - with regard to what price.
  • Shift - A shift in the number of bars back from this.
  • Sensit - parameter sensitivity coloring the bars in the histogram.
Download Momentum for the moving average


As is well known forex indicator AO late at 2-3 bar. This modification of the famous forex indicator to prevent lag AO at 2 bar (with a lag of 3 bars will be a false alarm).

Application for Senior TF liquid volatile currencies. Enter the first signal. Exit to taste. In any case, the coup, with a reverse signal or limit losses.

For youngerTF recommendation to trade only on a signal over either buy or Sell.

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Download forex indicator MAGIC OSCILLATOR


Indicator i-UrovenZero-v.2.0

Автор: bor-ix Author: bor-ix


This Forex - an indicator to display the currency pair on the graph to which it is attached all kinds of zero levels when exposed imbalance of orders, as well as displaying information on the small values of the current account and the couple and there is a primitive calculator profit, the amount of the warrant or the distance.

indicator on the graph shows the currency pair:

- «Level Zero margin» - the number of funds in the account in which it is impossible to buy even the minimum order - the same level as in the account = 100% (you can optionally turn off, change the color and type of line);
- «% To Level Zero margin» - warning level - the level exhibited by the user, default 150% that corresponds to the level of the account = 150% (you can optionally turn off, change the color and type of line);
- «The level of Stop Out» - when you reach this level takes place in part forced the closure of the form of warrants - is determined automatically and is consistent with the terms of DC (you can optionally turn off, change the color and type of line);
- «Level Plum» - when you reach that level - your account has nothing! (You can optionally turn off, change the color and type of line);
- «The level of overall unloss» - automatically calculated and corresponds to the level at which the balance of income / loss on warrants BUY and SELL will be zero (you can optionally turn off, change the color and type of line);
- «Level BUY = 0» - automatically calculated and corresponds to the level at which the balance of income / loss from BUY warrants will be equal to zero (you can optionally turn off, change the color and type of line);
- «Level SELL = 0» - automatically calculated and corresponds to the level at which the balance of income / loss on warrants SELL will be zero (you can optionally turn off, change the color and type of line);
- Audible alarm at the current price above put you «% to Level Zero Margin» (option disabled, you can be replaced by another sound);
- Sound alarm system while reducing the current price below the put you on «% to Level Zero Margin» to discharge (optional can be turned off, replaced by another sound);
- Display the graph inscription «LOCK» while reducing the current price below the «Level% to zero margin» and «zero margins»;

- About the paint on the graph area «LOCK» - a zone between the «Level% to zero margin» and «zero margins» (option disabled, you can change the color);
- Display the graph inscription «DEAD ZONE» while reducing the current price below the «zero margins»;
- The coloring of the graph area «DEAD ZONE» - a zone between the «zero margin» and the «level of Plum» (option disabled, you can change the color);
- When the overall balance of your account is less than the minimum purchase price of the warrant is shown on the graph inscription «GAME OVER ...»

Info.Panel.1 (optionally you can disable, change seat position):
- Numerical value «Level Plum»;
- The size of the field points «DEAD ZONE», in which it is impossible to trade because of lack of available funds;
- Numerical value per cent of the funds assigned to your DC for the forced closure orders;
- Numerical value of «zero margins»;
- How many points remain to «zero margins»;
- Numerical value «of total unloss»;
- How many points left to the

Info.Panel.2 (option disabled, you can change the color, change the seat position): - The value of swaps in the amount of points (for BUY and SELL);
- Meaning the amount of spread in the points;
- The value of the cost of one point;

- The value of the maximum allowable DC warrant;
- A minimum order of authorized DC;
- The value of the necessary margin / price for the opening of a minimum order;
- Meaning the maximum amount of lots, which currently can be opened for your money;

The panel 3 (optionally disabled, you can change the color of the panel, you can change the color of the calculated values, change the place of the situation):
- To calculate the profit / loss for the largest volume of the lot and the distance covered in paragraphs;
- In calculating the lot size for the distance covered and the expected profit / loss statements;
- To calculate the distance to the volume of the lot size and expected profit / loss statements.
Configure the indicator can be entered:
- - Required lots (Lots_R);
- - Distance / movement in the points for which you want to calculate profit / loss (Rastojanie_R);
- - Projected profit / loss (Pribyl_R);
for the calculation of need - in your indicator in the cells required to specify the expected values, as calculated in the cell parameters show a zero value is 0

- When the balance of the warrants to be placed on these swaps shows space values (the testimony regarding the imbalance of profits from swaps) ...

additional sound "clock.wav" (copied to this folder: \ \ local address of the terminal \ sounds \ );...

-------------------- --------------------
Отдельная благодарность при разработке индикатора: Kirill -у, d_tom -у и Don_Leone Special thanks in the development of the indicator: Kirill-in, d_tom-y and Don_Leone-in

Download Forex Indicator i-UrovenZero-v.2.0
+ Supplement

Digital Filters without DLL


Dmitry Yakovlev


A set of digital Forex - indicators for those who are bidding for AT & CF
You can change the TF, but the overall picture will not change schedules.

To generate arrays of filter coefficients used by the "generator of digital methods
Sergei Ilyuhin, Novosibirsk,


tf - the calculated Senior timeframe in minutes (5,15,30,60240,1440 etc.)

pr - Price 0-close, 1-open, 2-high, 3-low

In pictures: gen_FATL tf = 60, gen_SATL tf = 60, RBCI tf = 30, PCCI tf = 30, FTLM tf = 30

Forex Indicators

Forex Indicators

Forex Indicators Download forex - indicator Digital Filters without DLL

Phase accumulator

Author: Vadim
The general principle of the adder can see from the picture presented by

The objective of phase adder applied to schedule the markup when the same phase of the movement of waves 1, 2 and 3. In other words it is marking Elliott wave principle of zonal trade Williams.

The indicator works on all periods except the M30. Its better to remove the panel at all periods, not to deceive.

When switching period of the schedule to another, the indicator automatically recalculate the phases of waves and cause them to have a schedule for the current period.

Experiment with the indicator I enter the display mode of addition of 2 phases:

1 mode - strict conditions - mandatory match of all 3 phases of waves 1, 3 and 3 (more suitable for a minute periods)

2 mode - soft mode - see the addition of the phases of waves 2 and 3. (More suitable for periods of H1 and more)

In mode 2, respectively, greater market volatility and risk.

Figure 1. Period M1 (Flat).

Figure 2. Period M1. Trend.

Figure 3. M15 Trend and Flat.

Figure 4. Period H4. Flat, trend.

: Note:

I do not perceive the image as a trading strategy advertising Williams. Simply marking the schedule is determined by the histogram, MACD, and the crocodile was in the role of an additional filter and no more. The indicator can be run with any other set of indicators

. .

Period H1. Flat and trend.

Download a phase accumulator


Indicator TimeCurrentXR

This Forex - the indicator shows the current percentage of the bar for each TF in the fourth fractions

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Download forex indicator TimeCurrentXR

Levels of Round Numbers


Argued that in an area of round numbers (1.20000, 1.21000, and so on) The prices are a significant support or resistance. Therefore, in order not to complicate their lives by a horizontal line is designed forex indicator, which is easy to create these levels.



Krug.4isla - Color Level
Shirina - the width of
begin - from the level of prices begin to build levels of round numbers

Koli4estvo - the number of round
Shag - step-level, ie distance between level

Download forex indicator of round numbers

Indicator AntiAlligator

Forex Indicators
In a breakdown of bovine or Bear bar and the amount of points from the lips Alligator. Items specified in levels. 1st - bye. 2nd - sell. Applications - the mass of options, such as:

1. At small TM on senior trend.

2. While waiting for a turn in the presence of additional signals, and with minimal SL.

3. When the side in the game market in the channel.

Download forex - indicator AntiAlligator