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Indicator ZigZag +

Refinement classical Forex - ZigZag indicator.

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Indicator Support_Assistant

Resistance levels of support in this forex indicator is constructed by the previous maximum minimum average values PERIOD_D1 PERIOD_W1 PERIOD_MN1

Larger view.

  MQL4 has only eight buffers, draw, had the same level (namely Median MN1) draw a horizontal line.

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Indicator Sum_Stochastic

This forex displays the sum of stochastics first six timeframes. There is a possibility of selective inclusion of imaging lines.
It has significance only in the direction of the sum of the moment, so installation does not have a timeframe.
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Indicator Zero Point Force

In this forex indicator, based on the idea of the physics of zero point! Shows the power of classified at zero!

ZPF = 0 + (Volume (X) * (MA (X) - MA (X * 2))) / 2

Forex indicators

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Indicator Speed_MA_V2

New version of forex indicator 00_Speed_MA.  Added descriptions and values of AI, it is possible to specify the method and price averaging.

The indicator determines the speed MA5 (yellow line), MA15 (green line), MA60 (blue line) in percentage.
Over 100% of maximum change was adopted MA between the two neighboring bars found on the plot graph of length of 500 bar.
Red line - the sum of velocities MA5, MA15 and MA60.
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Indicator Dserg - LinRegression Breakout

This forex indicator looks and displays the graph of consolidation and channel movement.  If the channel is a linear regression over the past Nlin bars has a width of not more than 2 * range of items, then draw a new channel.  In the future, you can work at the breakdown.   The arrows indicate the inputs of the foot and the goal. Please note that the well penetrates not only the morning flat, but steady movement in the early U.S. session, or exit news. And this feature can also be used in trade.   Featured pair - EURUSD, EURGBP, M15 timeframe, the default setting is for them. The indicator also works well in other time frames, up to the weekly.


Forex indicators
Download forex - indicator Dserg - LinRegression Breakout

Indicator MACD Rounding

Smoothed version of the classic Forex - indicator MACD.
In the input data 4 parameters:
- Periods of MA - Fast, Slow, Signal (all, like a regular MACD).
  - And the value of rounding.
To ease the perception indicator is shown by lines, but there is the possibility of conventional mapping, in the form of histograms (must uncomment the corresponding line of code).
If you put the value of rounding MARound equal to 0, you get the usual MACD.
If MARound will be greater than 0 (default is 5), then get a little more subdued indicator, with fewer inputs.
Of the benefits of the indicator - a smoother mapping.
Disadvantages - sometimes a little late.
. In the picture are visible signals of the indicator - the picture above, and conventional MACD - the lower picture.

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Indicator TrandValue


Skype: Ivan Kornilov
  ICQ: 248-416-030
This forex indicator is very flexible it can insist for different tasks. Or combine it with the signals from other indicators.
Well helps not to open position against the trend.  Gives signals before the intersection of MA or MACD.
In the indicator used ATR, that is, in flat it becomes more sensitive. . Very convenient when the market abruptly left Flöthe and / or there is a breakthrough.
By default set to 5 minutes.


period - period of the moving averages.
shiftPercent - Shift indicator on the horizontal percentage.
shift - shift of moving averages.
atrPeriod - preriod ATR.
atrSensitivity - sensitivity shift of ATR.
Forex indicators
Forex indicators
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