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horizontal canals

6 variants of constructing the horizontal canal (and ZigZag) at 6 popular indicators.

Horizontal channels can be used for trailing stop-losses, determining the trend, etc. You can use the breakdown in trading systems.

In general, the lines of support / resistance (lower and upper limits of the channel), built at the peak price of certain one way or another.

The proposed forex indicators extrema are determined:

Channel @ MA - Moving Average. Extrema are sought prices between extremes MA, satisfying the condition: the difference of neighboring peaks and troughs MA greater than the specified threshold. Порог и параметры MA Threshold and parameters MA задаются в свойствах индикатора. set in the properties of the indicator.

Channel @ Stoch - stochastically. Here, the peak price - the maximum value of the price between the two basins stochastic separated its peak. Price depression - a mirror. Peak and trough stochastics - its entry into the zone the PC / PP. Level oversold (PP) and stochastic parameters are set in the properties of the indicator. PC Zone indicator is calculated as 100 - PP.

Channel @ RSI - Relative Strength Index (RSI). The principle is similar to determining Stochastic.

Channel @ DeM - indicator DeMarker. The principle is the same.

Channel @ SAR - Parabolic indicator S & R . Extremes define the first value after the coup parabolic, which, as we know, is an extreme value price for it - parabolic - the previous direction. Step and the maximum acceleration factor parabolic available from the properties of the indicator.

Channel @ Aroon Trend indicator Aroon. Extrema are sought prices between switching the direction of the trend. Pattern for determining the start of a trend: the growing - Line Up = 100 at the line Down Since Aroon is not a built-in indicator of MT 4, it is included in the attached archive.

Common to all variants are the display options of the channel and the zigzag, drawn to extremes:

ShowChannel: 0 - do not display, 1 - to draw on the Status of extrema, 2 (default) - to draw on the timing of extremes - ie так, как это происходит в он-лайн потоке. as it is in-line flow.

ShowZigZag: similarly.

Non buffers for reading values of the upper and lower boundaries of the channel - 2 and 3.

Illustration for the channel on stochastics. This zigzag drawn on the Status of extrema (ShowZigZag = 1), and channel on the timing of the extrema (ShowChannel = 2).

Forex indicators

Search direction of maximum / minimum price between the extremes of the base of the indicator can be changed by placing a "-" before ShowZigZag or ShowChannel. . It may be necessary for correct display of the zigzag in some cases. At work in real time and using the TS is not affected, but for completeness - let it be. Illustration of channel stochastics, where the first case of extreme price is sought from the more recent extreme base indicator to more ranemu, in the second - on the contrary.

Forex indicators

Download the archive channel forex - indicator

Indicator Xma_Coloured

This forex - indicator is a color variation of the indicator Xma

Forex indicators

Download forex
- indicator Xma_Coloured

Indicator Fine Fractals

This forex-indicator curves show significant price peaks and troughs, where the indicator does not match the standard.
Added function for Flat shift to more accurately indicate the time when the extremum Flat.

Both sensitivity and shift functions are available in the properties:

 extern bool  Fine = True ; extern bool Fine = True;
extern bool FlatShift = True ; extern bool FlatShift = True;

The figure shows for comparison of normal (gray) and Fine Fractals.

Forex Indicators

Download forex - indicator Fine Fractals

Binary Wave

Forex Indicators

Binary Wave returns a positive or negative value depending on how evidence is interpreted forex indicator: bool or bear. The real strength of the binary reflected wave, when several waves are combined in the binary composite Binary Wave.

I collected one composite binary wave seven individual binary waves:

1. 1. Closing price on its moving average (above - below)

2. 2. Slope MACD

3. 3. Crossing OsM zero line

4. 4. Crossing the CCI zero-line

5. 5. Intersection of Momentum to the level of 100

6. 6. Crossing the RSI level 50

7. 7. The situation of DMI + and DMI-to one another (ADX)

When you create a composite wave, it is important first to test the individual binary waves to check their validity. A good binary composite wave will yield results that are superior to the results generated by individual binary waves belong to it.

Any of the above waves can be dismantled from kompozinoy waves by assigning it the weight (parameter Weight) equal to zero. This gives you an opportunity to check the validity of individual waves.

Interpretation of the binary wave is quite clear: high values indicate bull trend, but lower on the bear.

The value of the binary composite waves depends on the numbYou can "weigh" indicators binary waves depending on the quality of their predictive ability, given the relevant parameters Weight.

For example, one component of a binary composite waves may have the value 5, while the other 0.75. The maximum total weight of the wave is displayed in parentheses after the title bar in the upper left corner of the field indicator. You can smooth out the wave of the binary by setting MovWavePer more units.

Download forex indicator Binary Wave


Indicator HMA

Forex Indicators

As shown in the figure during the movement of price trend line Xma above, or below the schedule price is constantly changing its meaning, and draw the limiting line, and during a horizontal motion (fleta) located in the same situation. Signaled to enter the transaction is closing the bar above or below the indicator line with its inclined position, a signal to close the position will serve as the intersection or close to the opposite side, with horizontal lines of the forex - the indicator.

External indicator variables

The threshold sensitivity of the filter fleta in paragraphs
The method of averaging 0 = Simple 1 = Exponential 2 = Smoothed 3 = Linear weighted
Price averaging 0 = Close 1 = Open 2 = High 3 = Low 4 = Median 5 = Typical 6 = Weighted

Download forex indicator XMA

Dynamic extrapolator on the basis of Fourier transforms

Dynamic extrapolator on the basis of Fourier transforms

The basis of the forex-indicator is based on the hypothesis:

If the row are three waves with the same period, there is a high probability of occurrence of the fourth.

The operating principle of the indicator:

  1. A number of windows with a fixed right-edge (extern shift) and successively decreasing the left (extern T) in 1 bar
  2. In each of the range of amplitudes was
  3. If there is a pronounced harmonic number 3 (with period T / 3) it is extended in the future for the period 1
  4. Summed up all the harmonics and is forecast
  • The higher the starting box, the longer a calculation, but also to more accurately forecast
  • The indicator is calculated only 1 time, it is protected from new teak and bar

Input parameters:

  1. T - the maximum size of the window to start search
  2. shift - shift the projection on the 0-th bar, to assess the quality of forecasts in the history of
  3. showprofit - mapping the dynamics of balance in an imaginary trade forecast
  4. alert - the withdrawal period harmonics, generate a forecast

Forex Indicators

Forex Indicators

Forex Indicators

Download dynamic extrapolator based on Fourier transformation

Indicator Oscillator Trend

Forex Indicators

Presented by one of the options Destinacions trend with the smoothing filter Hondrika-Preskonta.

The basic algorithm for obtaining the source signals according to the formula (CO) / (HL)

then according to the formula% = Sum (Period) / Sum (Abs (Period)) * 100 - itself a signal - Green Line

red line is a filter Hondrika-Prescott, which is inherently a large period of moving in the primary bar redrawn, so it is better to use with a period of 2 to less reliable results, but in principle you can replace this filter, add a simple SMA to smooth out.

Download forex oscillator indicator trend


Forex Indicators

Rule of three moving averages (RCFMA) - combined forex indicator, used to give a signal three moving averages of different lengths. A Forex indicator, connected, thus the signals of fast and slow moving averages.

Should buy when the slope when the fast moving average positive (red line above zero DFMA), and an intermediate moving average is above the slow moving average (WASOM histogram above zero).

Sell - when fast moving average slope is negative (red line DFMA below zero), and an intermediate moving average is below the slow moving average (WASOM histogram below zero).

Download forex - indicator RCFMA


Forex Indicators

Red point - entrance down

Green Point - login top

Forex Indicators

Download forex indicator LeManSignal


Indicator KRI

Forex Indicators

KRI - closer to applications to Momentum. Oscillates around zero, but with a wider amplitude of fluctuations.

Suggested order - 13.

KRI can be used at any time-frame. This is one of the most simple oscillators.

In building this forex indicator is calculated price deviation from its simple moving average, and the result is expressed as a percentage of the average.

In the case where the price is not clearly defined trend, a large positive value of forex indicator KRI showed exaggerated price and make a recommendation to sell. A large negative value - it is a recommendation to purchase.

When expressed trend, because of the backlog at the time the rolling average of the current values of prices, the value of KRI will take sustained positive trend in the up and sustained negative - on trend downwards. Therefore, if the forex indicator of long-time do not change the sign, it can be used as an indicator of trend.

An additional signal is also convergence and divergence with the price indicator.

Download forex indicator KRI

Indicator VilkaFractals

Forex indicator of strategy Fork ofvChuvashov.

Forex Indicators

There's no need to draw the line by hand, the indicator automatically finds and draws "forks" as well as notify the trader signals. How it works is visible in the picture.
Before using the indicator should be good to explore the very strategy. The system works well for TF M30 or higher.

Download forex indicator VilkaFractals



Sigmoid - this is a smooth monotonic nonlinear S-shaped function, which is often used to "smooth" the values of some variables.

Frequently under realize sigmoid logistic curve

\ sigma (x) = \ frac (1) (1 + e ^ (-x))

Sigmoid is used in neural networks in order to introduce some nonlinearity in the network, but not too much to change the outcome of its work.

One of the reasons why the use of sigmoid neural networks, a simple expression of its derivative, through the very function (which will significantly reduce computational complexity of the method of back propagation of errors, making it applicable in practice):

\ sigma '(x) = \ sigma (x) \ cdot (1 - \ sigma (x))
It is equally important reason for the introduction of nonlinearity is mathematically proven to obtain an arbitrarily accurate approximation of any continuous function of several variables using the operations of addition and multiplication by numbers, superposition of functions, linear functions and one arbitrary continuous nonlinear functions of one variable

Forex indicators

This forex-indicator displays sigmoid price.

Start and end point set the width of sigmoid, and the error rate sets a sigmoid curvature.

Use the point of construction and after the advent of a new teak indicator construction updates sigmoid.

Download forex indicator sigmoid

Indicator LeManTrend

This forex indicator identifies the trend on the basis of current price and the maximum and minimum prices for three periods.

Forex Indicators

Download forex indicator LeManTrend

Indicator FiboPivot

Modified Forex - Indicator Fibonacci Pivots. Now the levels are displayed on the history and signed values. Also in the external value of options issued Fibonacci grid mapping and management levels. Arrows in the figure shows the recommended transaction. They are not part of the indicator. Forex Indicators Download forex indicator FiboPivot


Indicator of the relative position of the currency

The idea of calculating the relative position in the forex indicator in Stochastics. There is a period for which calculates the maximum and minimum (local extrema) and the closing price of the bar on them - get some value. Now you can count on other currencies - which would have been if the course was also the situation regarding the extremes as in any other currency. This provision is calculated for the extremes of different order (number of parameter is set in multistep) and calculated the average position. Currencies to which the calculated position is set in the parameter Instr. If the currency of the mirror on which is imposed (for example, EURUSD and USDCHF) then you need to mirror the option to set "true"

Forex Indicators

For example, to schedule a pound (green line преставление) applied the indicator to a tool EURUSD (red).

The method of trade on convergence. In advanced trend is currency, which used to penetrate extremes and retarded. The indicator is showing. A separate version (bottom histogram) shows the size of the backlog. On the active market in the prevailing trend is better to buy the currency, falling behind at reducing the backlog. You can also track the movement of the group.

PS parameter multistep better not to ask more - a lot of computation slows down. In settings such as 6, used 6 local extrema with periods (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64)

Download indicators AnotherInstr1.mq4 and AnotherInstr1sep.mq4