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DiNapoli Price Oscillator

There is possibility to:

  • choose amount of bars to calculate the formula
  • choose type of average, which is used in counting
  • choose price (open, close, high, low), which is used in counting
  • choose shift of average
  • calculate and display overbought and oversold levels (60% and 100%)

Levels are counted using special formula, which is used standard deviation function. However levels are displayed correctly and results are the same as results received using manual methods. Level factors were specially selected and are the most suitable to use.


  • 'Show object description' option must be enabled
  • If two indicators have to be displayed in one window, DPO should be added as first

forex technical indicators



New forex indicators (2 indicators)

  • Indicator 2nd mA of different currency pairs in one window.
    This forex - indicator builds the difference between two mA of currency pair EURUSD and GBPUSD in one under window. The parameters mA can be disposed in tuning of forex - indicator. To download forex - indicator 2nd mA of different currency pairs in one window.

  • Indicator of volatility
    This forex - indicator the difference between the maximum maximums and the minimum minimums of the candles of price calculates for 20 bars (parameter). Result shows in the points. Input parameters: extern of int Of n=20; // the period of the channel. To download the indicator of volatility


New forex indicators - Indicator Of waddah Of attar Of weekly Of fibo


New forex indicators - Indicator Of price_Alert

  • Indicator Of price_Alert
    The signal level is moved by mouse the input parameters: extern of string Of namePrice= " Of price_1 "; extern of string Of soundFileName= " of alarm.wav "; extern of bool Of activeSignal=true; extern of bool Of activeAlert=true; extern of color Of lineColor=Gold; To download forex - indicator Of price_Alert


New forex indicators - Indicators Of rSIColored_v1, DivPeakTroughRSI_SW

  • Indicators Of rSIColored_v1, DivPeakTroughRSI_SW
    We first join the file of ind_RSIColored_v1, then by mouse we drag over into also the window to ind_DivPeakTroughRSI_SW_v1. Download forex - indicator to ind_RSIColored_v1. Download forex - the indicator of ind_DivPeakTroughRSI_SW_v1


New forex indicators - Indicator Of sTik

  • Indicator Of sTik
    This forex - indicator shows tick graph in the separate window of indicator, places separators in accordance with that flowing timeframes. Special feature in the fact that of its base of ticks with the depth about eight days, which can be looked, (for the analysis), after advancing in the tuning the date \ time, with which it is necessary to begin to derive graph and quantity of ticks for the survey. If the parameter "Of start" and "Of tikChart" defoltn, i.e., 0 and 350 respectively, then derives current 350 to tiks. Download forex - indicator Of sTik

The Extrapolator Indicator

The Extrapolator Indicator

In the basis of this forex - indicator a few methods which can get out to the entrance variable Method are fixed:
1: Extrapolation of the Fure row; frequencies are calculated using Quinn-Fernandes Algorithm
2: Autocorrelation Method
3: Weighted Burg Method
4: Burg Method with Helme-Nikias weighting function
5: Itakura-Saito (geometric) method
6: Modified covariance method

The methods 2-6 are the methods of linear prediction (linear prediction). The linear prediction is based on finding of future values as linear functions of past values. It is possible is present row of costs of x[0]..x[n-1] where more senior index corresponds to more recent prices. The prediction of future cost of x[n] is as
[n] = -Sum(and[I]*x[n-i], I=1..p)

where and[I=1..p] - model coefficients, p - model order. The transferred methods 2-6 find the coefficients a[] by reduction of middle-quadratic error on training n-p the last bars. It is certainly possible to attain the zero error of prediction on training bars if to decide the system of linear equalizations straight at n=2*p resulted higher by the Levinsona-Durbina method. Such method of prediction is named Prony Method. Instability at the prediction of future values of row is its failing. This method is not included therefore.

Other entrance data are:
- number of the last bar in past data
- amount of past bars of used for the prediction of future values
- order of linear model as fraction from the amount of past bars (0..1)
- amount of future bars in the prediction
- maximal amount of frequencies for the Method 1 (0 chooses all frequencies)
- error of calculation of frequencies for the Method 1 (>0.001 can not meet)
- number of weighing function for the Method 2 (0=Rectangular 1=Hamming 2=Parabolic)

An indicator draws two lines: a siniya line displays the costs of model on training bars, a red line displays the predicted future prices.


Method 1 (extrapolation of the Fure row)

Method 3 (the Burg method)

Method 6 (Modified Covariance Method)


Indicator ADX with the installation Of time Of frame


New forex indicators

  • Indicator of i1AMA
    Still one attempt to adapt the moving average, benefit from forex - indicator in this form is not found. For the practical application the smoothing can help. Period MA - period from 1 to 9 To download forex - the indicator of i1AMA

  • Indicator Of cosMod
    forex - indicator shows the cosine of material remainder from the division of the price of tool of average that sliding. IMHO greatly resembles inverted RSI To download forex- indicator Of cosMod

  • Weekly [Fibo] the indicator Of waddah Of attar
    This forex - indicator sketches seven weekly levels of Fibonacci with the test on the history. It also shows the current percentage and the current price on the graph. To download the weekly indicator of Fibonacci Waddah Of attar

  • Smoothed indicator RSI
    Smoothed forex - indicator RSI with the sound communication of the intersection of level 50. To download smoothed forex - indicator RSI

  • Standard indicator Of osMA.
    Standard forex - the indicator Of osMA with the indication of possible commercial to signals. To download forex- the indicator Of osMA

  • Indicator Of threeLineBreak on Of chart S/R
    Dark-blue lines - support, red - resistance dotted lines - candidates. By parametr of forex - indicator LB is governed a quantity of the levels to the penetration considered. To download forex - indicator Of threeLineBreak on Of chart S/R

  • Indicator Of zerolagStochs
    Work with the data of forex- by indicator is in many respects analogous to work with the intersections of two muving averages or the intersections of two stochastics. To download forex - indicator Of zerolagStochs

  • Indicator Of gRFLeadingEdge
    One additional version is indicator for forex on the strips Of Bollinger. Input parameters: extern of int Of samples=60; extern of int Of lookAhead=0; extern of double Of stdLevel1=2; extern of double Of stdLevel2 of =4.; To download forex - indicator Of gRFLeadingEdge

  • Indicator Of macd Of support and Resistance
    This indicator for forex is the imposition Of macd on the graph To download forex- the indicator Of macd Of support and Resistance

  • Indicator Of pivot Of mid Of support Of historical
    If honestly I make it difficult to determine is for which necessary this forex - indicator… I lead simply for the collection. Parameters: extern of int Of gMTshift=0; extern of color Of lColor=Magenta; extern of int of fontsize=12; extern of int Of labelShift=40; To download forex - indicator Of pivot Of mid Of support Of historical

  • Indicator Of newTrend_v1
    Input parameters: extern of int Of smooth=9; extern of int Of signal=9; To download forex - indicator Of newTrend_v1

  • Indicator of the period Of [n]1 to [M]1
    This indicator for forex divides the price graph of the period Of [m]1 by vertical lines each of hour. To download indicator for forex of the period Of [n]1 to [M]1