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Indicator 3 in 1: Stoch + CCI + RSI

We use a very useful harakteistiki three Forex - Indicators: Stochastics, CCI and RSI, but in a "bottle". The idea is simple: take a weighted sum of the three forex - indicators:

(Stoc - 50) * (1-w1-w2) + (RSI - 50) * w1 + CCI * w2,

о where w1, w2 weight RSI and CCI, respectively


weight_cci - weight CCI (from 0 to 1)

weight_rsi - weight RSI (from 0 to 1)

CCI - period CCI

RSI - period RSI

St_K - period Stoch% K

St_S - period Stoch S%

FastMA - during the first AI

SlowMA - Second AI

Forex Indicators

Tips from the author:
  • Look for divergence;
  • Identify dispersal trend, momentum;
  • Adjust forex indicator: if, for example, weight_cci = weight_rsi = 0, it will display only centered Stochastics and if, for example, weight_cci = 0, and weight_rsi = 1, it will display only centered RSI, etc.
  • Eksperementiruyte!
Download forex indicator 3 in 1: Stoch + CCI + RSI

Indicator Gaus_MA

This Forex - indicator calculates moving average using modified algorithm of linear-weighted moving average, where the smoothing coefficients are calculated using the radial basis functions (Gaussian function).

The mathematical formula embedded in forex - indicator of the algorithm is as follows

Forex Indicators

Forex Indicators

Download forex - indicator Gaus_MA


Indicator FILTER_ADX_ (AM)

This forex-indicator crossing lines of + / - shows the change in color. If the dash thin - the value of ADX is less than the previous, thick - more.

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Download forex - indicator FILTER_ADX_ (AM)


Indicator Heiken Ashi Real

This forex - indicator represents another variation of indicators Heiken Ashi

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Download forex -Indicator Heiken Ashi Real

Indicator RSI_Strike (AM)

This forex-indicator displays the point of intersection of RSI various periods.

Download forex - indicator RSI_Strike (AM)


Indicator MA_with_dynamical_canal

Индикаторы форекс

Often, the use of the channel size caused constant trouble because of changing market volatility. Proposed forex indicator prevented this shortcoming, it will change the size of the channel depending on the medium size candles. In doing so, saved most of the inherent functional indicator Moving Average.

Asked variables:

ma_canal - factor which is multiplied by the average to obtain the width of the channel (positive value);

ma_period - the period used for construction of the rolling average, as well as the calculation of the average of candles;

ma_method - the method used to calculate the mean [0, 3];

ma_cena - the price used to calculate the mean [0, 6];

. This forex-indicator, by itself, is unlikely to yield a decent profit, but its use can facilitate the analysis of the situation on the market.

Download forex indicator MA_with_dynamical_canal


Indicator Candles_01

The histogram shows the height of a candle with the shadows and the height of the body candles (white inside). The height of the body smoothed MA. In the right corner of time before the closure of a candle, and attitude of the number of candles up / down for the period T (the text of the green - more green bars, the red - more red).

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Download forex indicator Candles_01


Indicator of the level of support and resistance

Recoilless Movement (DB) up the author defines as a sequence of growing bars have high subsequent Hai above the previous, as well as the subsequent higher lowe lowe previous. And so far will not break even one rule. К When disturbed, DB is real. Level of support will be high bar to the database. Price seeks to return and fill in the zone database. If this did not happen and the price is not closed zone DB, and start to build a second DB, it is a strong signal of trend.

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In the figure a dotted line drawn levels. The new level is drawn after the formation of the DB. Indicator "remembers" all levels of unsecured and closed forgets.

Download forex indicator of support and resistance