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New forex indicators (3 indicators)

  • Indicators Of stohColored, StohDivergence
    We first join the file of forex - indicator of ind_StoColored_v1, then by mouse we drag over into also the window of forex- indicator of ind_DivPeakTroughSto_SW_v1.

  • Indicator Of parabolic_standart2
    Standard forex - indicator - Parabolic. It does not make errors with the joint operation with the same second indicator, located on one graph. Correctly it works in optimizatore, the greatest difficulties in programmers causes the modification of the standard indicator Of parabolic. Use this code as basis for your further developments. All is simplified. Explanations in to code.Download forex- indicator Of parabolic_standart2

  • Information indicator
    This forex- indicator indicates the levels: SPREAD and STOPLEVEL - minimally tolerance level of stop-loss and profit in the points. He informs with a change in these values. To Download information forex - indicator

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