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Indicator 2MAGoodCooked

This Forex - LED draws arrows on the restoration of the trend after the rollback. If the fast moving average above the slow, then fast in the 1-2 bar moves down and turns up - on the graph shows up-arrow, similar to the other side. Small arrows show a recovery after all the setbacks, fatty - the first arrow in a new direction. Yellow crosses - the point of intersection of moving averages (crosses from below - the intersection of the top, a cross on top - the intersection of down).

Forex Indicator


FastMAPeriod - a period of rapid AI,
FastMAMethod - Quick method AI: 0-SMA, 1-EMA, 2-SMMA, 3-LWMA,
FastMAPrice - Price rapid AI: 0-Close, 1-Open, 2-High, 3-Low, 4-Median, 5-Typical, 6-Weighted,
SlowMAPeriod - sluggish AI,
SlowMAMethod - Method slow AI: 0-SMA, 1-EMA, 2-SMMA, 3-LWMA,
SlowMAPrice - slow price: AI 0-Close, 1-Open, 2-High, 3-Low, 4-Median, 5-Typical, 6-Weighted,
TwoBar - Check kinkiness AI left of the extremum on the two bars on the right is always on one bar, see the picture below.

indicator forex

When TwoBar = true left of the extremum (red vertical line), fast moving average (blue) should be raised (to sell) or lowered (to buy) in the two bars, while TwoBar = false just a bar.


The first two are used to buffer the indicator moving averages, by default do not have color, you can set the color (the tab "Colors" window display properties) and they will be displayed on the graph.

Download forex indicator 2MAGoodCooked

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