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Indicator HLCrossSig for WPR


Рустем Бигеев. Rustem Bigeev.

Описание: Description:

Trend forex - an indicator of filtration of false alarms. It is a combination of indicators out of the MT4. Like any trend indicator is the lack of - false signals if the market is drawn "Saw" or expanding formation. Here, losses are inevitable and must be strictly apply the rules of risk management. Alternatively, after apparently poor signal to reconfigure or move to a small taymfreym without changing settings.

Alerts are displayed in conventional arrows. Blue - buying, selling red. Yellow star - Production levels of the foot. They also can be used for the trailing stop, but move on when trailing better position to profit will be comparable to the size of the initial stop. Yellow sinaliziruyut point of extremes in the course of the position. Their routine of Perforation said the strength of the trends, if the point of no longer updated and are drawn horizontally or against a trend likely to reverse the signal. Violet star - the level of production Teika.

Description of parameters:

  • P - parameter of length in the range of Perforation (bars). The longer range, so less and later signals.
  • RMA - The parameter for the simple AI used as a filter.
  • Risk - The number of items you want to risk (to put in a stop). Stelka will show off at this level from the nearest extremum. If Risk = 0, the arrow is drawn at a distance of 2 ATR (ATR_P) or at the Close (depending which of them profitable). Е If the arrow is far from teuschego Close, then it makes sense to set the limit order at the direction of the arrow.
  • ATR_P - Parameter for calculating the ATR
  • Q - parameter for the production of Teika. Calculated as a percentage of risk. Violet asterisk.
  • Period_WPR-parameter for the oscillator WPR
  • HLine - Upper signal line WPR
  • LLine - Lower signal line WPR
Download forex indicator HLCrossSig for WPR

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