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Histogram of volumes in the new interpretation

Author: infinum13 (idea DrShumiloff).


Originally Forex - indicator to look like this. But the author did not like that the entire amount of candles to focus only at the point of closing the candle. The new version of the volume of the candle is distributed throughout the candle. And in the "tail" is taken double the amount of (so-as the price is moving at least twice). Of course, with the full picture of the history of ticks will neskoloko other (must see). But the first presentation of the motion of a pair (the level of support of Perforation levels) can be done on the basis of the forex indicator.

The indicator is drawn on the basis of completed candles.

Forex Indicators


  • I recommend using periud M1. Parameter Period_ind - at your discretion.
Download forex indicator VolumesHist2

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