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Three-dimensional Stochastics

This forex-indicator displays the behavior of classical Stochastics in the three-dimensional diagram of the main graphics window shopping tool. Line otbrazhayutsya Stochastics with gradually increasing periods of% K,% D, and so forth. по желанию пользователя. on the user's request. The result is a three-dimensional image of stochastic fans. In this version of the indicator may display modes:

- Direction of the stochastic curve;
- Its absolute value;
- Its rate of growth or decline.
Coordinate the "X" on the diagram - in a commercial graphics tool;
Coordinate "Y" in the diagram - top-down sequential display Stochastics with different parameters;
Coordinates "Z" shown in different colors depending on the situation and the status of Stochastics in this temporary location

ID indicator is structured and commented. It is not difficult to replace the call to self-classical stochastic function of any other indicator, or combinations of them.

Advantages fan of graphic representations of the elementary oscillators are the high visibility of the market, the search for fundamental-frequency oscillations of financial instrument, an analysis of divergence in a wide range, etc.

The disadvantages of implementing this type of indicators is a way to include the withdrawal of the images - objects of type Rectangle, which may seriously burden the processor during operation, even though that code is fully optimized within the framework of opportunities mql. Although, of course, marked the onset of the load when the number of bars analyzed history> 500-1000.

This indicator is written in order to study the frequency of market cycles and the construction of an expert on it, which would dynamically adjust to the major market sentiment.

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