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Indicator of the relative position of the currency

The idea of calculating the relative position in the forex indicator in Stochastics. There is a period for which calculates the maximum and minimum (local extrema) and the closing price of the bar on them - get some value. Now you can count on other currencies - which would have been if the course was also the situation regarding the extremes as in any other currency. This provision is calculated for the extremes of different order (number of parameter is set in multistep) and calculated the average position. Currencies to which the calculated position is set in the parameter Instr. If the currency of the mirror on which is imposed (for example, EURUSD and USDCHF) then you need to mirror the option to set "true"

Forex Indicators

For example, to schedule a pound (green line преставление) applied the indicator to a tool EURUSD (red).

The method of trade on convergence. In advanced trend is currency, which used to penetrate extremes and retarded. The indicator is showing. A separate version (bottom histogram) shows the size of the backlog. On the active market in the prevailing trend is better to buy the currency, falling behind at reducing the backlog. You can also track the movement of the group.

PS parameter multistep better not to ask more - a lot of computation slows down. In settings such as 6, used 6 local extrema with periods (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64)

Download indicators AnotherInstr1.mq4 and AnotherInstr1sep.mq4

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