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Indicator MA_with_dynamical_canal

Индикаторы форекс

Often, the use of the channel size caused constant trouble because of changing market volatility. Proposed forex indicator prevented this shortcoming, it will change the size of the channel depending on the medium size candles. In doing so, saved most of the inherent functional indicator Moving Average.

Asked variables:

ma_canal - factor which is multiplied by the average to obtain the width of the channel (positive value);

ma_period - the period used for construction of the rolling average, as well as the calculation of the average of candles;

ma_method - the method used to calculate the mean [0, 3];

ma_cena - the price used to calculate the mean [0, 6];

. This forex-indicator, by itself, is unlikely to yield a decent profit, but its use can facilitate the analysis of the situation on the market.

Download forex indicator MA_with_dynamical_canal

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