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Indicator 3 in 1: Stoch + CCI + RSI

We use a very useful harakteistiki three Forex - Indicators: Stochastics, CCI and RSI, but in a "bottle". The idea is simple: take a weighted sum of the three forex - indicators:

(Stoc - 50) * (1-w1-w2) + (RSI - 50) * w1 + CCI * w2,

о where w1, w2 weight RSI and CCI, respectively


weight_cci - weight CCI (from 0 to 1)

weight_rsi - weight RSI (from 0 to 1)

CCI - period CCI

RSI - period RSI

St_K - period Stoch% K

St_S - period Stoch S%

FastMA - during the first AI

SlowMA - Second AI

Forex Indicators

Tips from the author:
  • Look for divergence;
  • Identify dispersal trend, momentum;
  • Adjust forex indicator: if, for example, weight_cci = weight_rsi = 0, it will display only centered Stochastics and if, for example, weight_cci = 0, and weight_rsi = 1, it will display only centered RSI, etc.
  • Eksperementiruyte!
Download forex indicator 3 in 1: Stoch + CCI + RSI


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