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Indicator minute amounts of RVA

Forex - indicator of minute amounts of RVA (Real Volume Analyzer) is made in the form of the histogram bars, built on trading volume of futures exchanges Globex mode Real-time.  The data are taken from the futures, but are displayed on currencies.
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Brief description of the parameters:
Options Login / Password can be obtained here
- Time shift on the received data. For example, for the terminal Broco, he is 2.
  - You in the terminal current time: 8:08
  - Moscow time 10:08
- Means, put ShiftTime = 2

  - If a parameter is a false, then displays the value Volume (volume), if is = true, then displayed Delta (Delta) are displayed by default volumes.
  - Coloring bars.  Values:
  0 - "standard" in the color price bars
  1 - bar of more than the previous - green, less - Red ..
2 - по дельте 2 - on Delta
Refresh.Sec and Refresh.Add
  Refresh.Add - These settings adjust the speed upgrade; Refresh.Sec - after so many seconds guaranteed (after the arrival of the next tick) will update the data; Refresh.Add - maximum number of seconds (chosen randomly), which can be added to the value Refresh.Sec to to reduce the overall load on the server.
  Refresh.Sec = 15

  - Regular update will be a time interval from 15 to 30 seconds/ If you do not quite understand why it should be, just do not change the default values. ;)  If you need more than "fast" data, then reduce these parameters. For example, 5 + 5. . However, remember that this will affect the total loading terminal (especially if you have opened a lot of charts and found a lot of indicators, seeking to Internet).
Refresh.History Refresh.History
- An update of historical data (within session). . The parameter entered with the intention that if a (sudden) will happen is that the server will be temporary disappearance of the current data on the volume, then after a given time, these data, no matter what, will be restored from the history to be formed on the data server.  Crashes are extremely rare, but, nevertheless, to insure against such situations, we must.  Frequency is specified in minutes.
- Allows you to watch the history of the volume (volume) for a specified number of calendar days ago.  Since the parameter treated with caution - it can slow down, in particular - during the first installation or initialization of the indicator.

  Download indicator minute amounts RVA

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