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Indicator Point & Figure, X_O

This forex indicator created for display in MT4 chart type "tic-tac-toe" (the CW). The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices" автор Thomas J. Dorsey.  In drawing up the algorithm used book "POINT AND FIGURE CHARTING" The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices "by Thomas J. Dorsey. When testing the indicator used graphics from this site
Note that when selecting a different timeframe, CW schedule will be created different.  This is due to the fact that the choice charts of M1 and D1 for the same period (say, 2 days), in the case of the schedule M1 quotes will be much more detailed.
Пример. Sample. . Take the size of box = 10 points, spread = 3 box.  If one day the price went up 100 points, while the other went down to 100, the indicanjr D1 will see only two bars for analysis and for him to build a column of 10 boxes down, and at the other bar to build up a column.  If we look at the M1, the price could go for 5 times per day up 100 points and down 5 times for 100 points, respectively, easily fit in the daily candle.  Indicator will draw 5 bars up and 5 down.
If you believe that this algorithm is not correct, please go to the proposed link above, select any tool and check the schedule daily and weekly schedule of CW (other periods is not there).
External variables:
extern color up_color = RoyalBlue; / / color X
extern color down_color = Crimson; / / About color
extern color border_color = Black; / / border color
extern int border_width = 2, / / frame width
extern int size = 20, / / height of a single X or O
extern int reverse = 3; / / reversal parameter
extern int width = 3, / / width of a single X or O in bars
extern int bars = 1000; / / number of bars to calculate, 0 - all bars 



  • Be careful when changing the instrument: if you have a pair GBPUSD stands the size of boxing 20 points, with conversion to a tool SP500 terminal may hang for a long time - the day the index goes up to several thousand items and displays will draw hundreds of thousands of X and O, respectively.
  • В свойствах графика поставьте цвет фона и графика "линия" одинаковым. In the properties of the schedule put a background color and graphics "line" the same.  Thus, when switching to this schedule you will only X and O on the screen, but when switching to candles or bars you can see the CW and the normal schedule at the same time.
  •   Attach the scale of the chart.  Then you can scroll it up and down without binding to candlelight terminal.
Download forex indicator of Point & Figure, X_O

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