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Indicator AsimmetricStohNR

It is assumed that readers know the parts of a normal stochastic . By using the TS will also be worthwhile to read the article by M. Korolyuk (Moishe) Tortoise - it sounds proud .
In the fields of parameters in asymmetric Stochastics only three differences from the standard:
K period now consists of two - younger KperiodShort (short) and senior KperiodLong (long).  Another added option oversold level (PP) OverSold, which calculates the level of overbought (PC). Enter stochastics in the zone PC / PP switches Kperiod'y - the length of the search of maxima / minima.  The third difference - the threshold of sensitivity - a parameter Sens.
The logic works s:
If stochastics dropped into a zone of PP, then search for the minima occur for younger Kperiod (KperiodShort) bars, while the maximum - for the senior (KperiodLong).  When entering a zone PC - mirror - minima are searched for a longer interval, maximum - in short.
Interpretation / use (and do not necessarily consciously))).  Sunset stochastics in the area of PC / PP means switching trend in direction.  But! Switching the trend is not meant opening a position in his direction in the general case.  Enter is on the correction, which can be identified by crossing / touching the line of 50%.  If roughly follow the "Turtle" - pose pursued, with the correction. При переключении тренда происходит или полное закрытие позы, или ее сокращение. When switching trend occurs or complete closure of the position or its reduction. In the latter case, a complete closure is already on the correction with simultaneous opening of the opposite.  Stop-loses are set by the previous (opposite) peak with reasonable indentation.  However, their activation in the working mode is unlikely.  Stops here to force majeure.
Н But it's all so - from the bulldozer. Tactics do not impose.
In the first pane - asymmetry stochastics in the second - normal.
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Call of the codes, the input parameters and destination buffers:
iCustom( iCustom ( 
    NULL,0,"AsimmetricStochNR",  //  at the current time frame and tool 
    KperiodShort,              //  Junior (short)% K 
    KperiodLong,               //  Senior (long)% K 
    Dperiod,                   // %D signaling Dperiod, 
    Slowing,                   // slow Slowing,  
    Dmethod,                   //  MA type of signal: 0-SMA, a-EMA 
    PriceField,                //  type of price: 0-High/Low; 1-Close/Close 
    Sens,                      //  sensitivity in paras. 
    OverSold,                  //  level of PP in%% 
    N,                         //  buffers: 0 - main, 1 - signal 2 - Trend 
    i                          //  shift  i   

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