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Indicator Three Indian

This forex indicator determines the pattern of three "Indian" based on the vertices Zigzag .
  Description of "Three Indian" is not going to make - easy to find on the Internet.
Just recall that the system is very critical to the overall situation in the market. By itself, the pattern in isolation from the market situation is not a signal to trade.
There are two main methods:
Trade with the trend - less risky method of when the pattern is crowned by the end of a correction of an already established trend, and gives the signal for its continuation:

Trading in turn, more risky method, which assumes a global reversal in this case the wave pattern should be more significant in size relative to the trend or its last wave:


Early and mid-lines are located on the 1 st and 2 nd alleged Indian respectively.
extern int ExtDepth = 10; / / setting zigzag
extern int ExtDeviation = 5;
extern int ExtBackstep = 3;
extern double K_MinWave = 0.6; / / minimum size of the wave of the 1 st Injun in relation to the wave of the 2 nd to filter out the small waves
extern int Depth = 3; / / / depth prospecting 1 Injun, taking into account the filter, but no more than 10!

and on the history, color and thickness of the lines ...
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1 comment:

alkan etemoglu said...

Hi, this indicator is good for me... thank you..
But i have problem, its not work in accound..

its show me error for line to value.

"LineToValue" is not referenced and will be removed from exp-file

can you help me for this...
thanks a lot...